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Warmth and closeness are part of gentle baby care

A newborn baby needs the care of an adult and a soft start for life. Nutrition, warmth, security and affection are the baby’s life essentials; the time for various stimuli comes a little later. Baby’s growth and development is supported – along with nutrition and warmth - by a safe growing environment. Familiar people, places, sounds and smells all give the little person the serenity to grow.

 Loving care

 A child’s basic security arises from having its needs satisfied so that it feels content and accepted. Closeness, warmth and interaction with parents are essential in baby care. A child who is well looked after grows and develops and lets its parents know it’s pleased. Good childhood experiences create a basis to later wellbeing.

Gentle protection

The womb is a safe and warm nest for the baby. A newborn baby gets used to life in a much cooler and drier air and is exposed to draft and wind. Parents can provide a safe environment with their closeness and by choosing their child's clothing from natural materials that support warmth and wellbeing.

 The importance of warmth in baby care is vital

The temperature regulation system of newborn babies is not fully developed and their basic temperature drops easily. This can be discovered by feeling the baby’s hands and toes. Keeping the small ones warm is vital for the development of their organs and thus is one of the most essential matters in baby care. A baby is best protected from temperature fluctuations and basic temperature decrease by natural materials that balance body temperature, as these materials are warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. A child's thermoregulation happens through skin and part of the metabolism with sweating. Therefore materials closest to the skin are most important. Breathable natural materials that are gentle to the skin keep your child perfectly warm.

We support the goodness of natural fibres

High-quality wool, silk, silkwool and cotton all increase the baby’s wellbeing. Soft and breathable natural fibres support the goodness. Natural off-white baby clothes are a safe choice for the small one’s skin as they are undyed, unbleached and come without the harmful moth protection. They feel caressingly smooth on your skin.

Hence the silk bonnet!

 Newborn baby’s head is relatively large compared to the rest of its body which means that the heat loss through the head is significant. A silk bonnet helps to keep the child’s temperature pleasant. It also protects the baby from the surrounding environment’s noises. The gentle surface of the silk bonnet massages the baby’s head soothingly, very similarly to the effect of the mother’s womb during pregnancy.

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